Eco Building

What will be your home and building legacy?

We are committed to moving towards eco building and are interested in new technologies and the use of recycled building materials such as eco decking, rain water harvesting and roofing systems. We can offer more efficient heating and electrical alternatives with long-term environment sustainability in mind. Giving our clients the option to help the planet.

The government is beginning to wake up to the imminent need to support this change by offering incentives such as the feed in tariff for solar panel installation. Solar panels will not only considerably reduce your long term heating or electricity cost, but any power you don’t use goes back into the national grid for which you will be paid.

We could all do more to protect the earth’s limited resources. As builders and homeowners we all need to consider how housing requirements effect our environment. We can all do more to support, nurture and conserve the planet’s resources for future generations to come.

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